Invest in the success of your community.

Who are your best community members?

Your most engaged community members are your most valuable members. They help new members, they spark discussions, they bring joy to your community and are always there for others. Your community would not be the same without them.

Peers features Karma leaderboards to put the light on your most valuable community members.


How many of your new members stick around?

Peers help you get your new members in positive feedback loops as soon as they join.

New members receive more help from others thanks to karma leaderboards and are kept accountable on their goals with our unique streak leaderboards.

streaks leaderboard

Stop working in your community and start working on your community.

We help startup founders implement the best practices of community management and grow communities of early adopters.

We help course creators reward students for helping each other. Thanks to Peers, the best course creators spend less time on routine questions and more time on providing value.

We help communities grow. Peers accelerate your community growth by rewarding member-to-member interactions and keeping your members accountable to their goals.

It's the participation of each single member that grows the value of your community.

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Peers is the #1 Slack app that implements the best practices of community management - all automated.

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Invest in the success of your community.

We only charge you for members that have engaged with Peers and appeared in one of your leaderboards during the billing period. Most software pricing is designed to charge you per user regardless of how many people are actively using the software. At Peers, our objective is to increase your community engagement and we only get paid when we succeed. Fair’s fair.

Expecting more than 200 active members? Contact us.

Don’t know where to start? We offer a free 14-days trial. At the end of your trial we will let you know which plan is best suited for you.